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The Learning Experience - By Field Trained Providers

The Benefits of Classroom and Hands-On Training

More and more courses are being offered on-line, cheaper, and at your own pace. On the surface, this appears to be a great way to learn but when you consider the many benefits of classroom-based medical courses, you will realize that signing up for an online course forces you to give up valuable experience, hands-on training, and networking opportunities.

Avoid Missed Opportunities

  • No hands-on training necessary for success
  • Miss out on important teacher and student interactions
  • Locate your own opportunities
  • Pass up valuable career advice and guidance
  • No one  to help you prepare for the certification exam

Hands-On Learning: Classroom instruction isn’t limited to books and lectures. It also includes live demonstrations, group exercises, and practical drills. 

One-on-One Instruction: When you’re learning the ropes, the ability to engage in a back-and-forth dialogue is critical. Want a better demonstration of a particular procedure? Need someone to watch you perform a task and give you feedback? Want to know what you should do in a given situation? With a live instructor, you get the benefit of instant interaction and personal guidance.

Real-World Experience:  They also have you learn directly from the instructors who have critical knowledge and skills to help you adapt as you learn, make mistakes, and hone your skills. That means you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to perform the day-to-day tasks of the job that will not only give you the confidence to succeed on your first day at work; it will also give employers the confidence to hire you.

Career Guidance: Our instructors will not only teach you the basics; they’ll also help you make the transition to the workplace. They’ll advise you on your career options, steer you in the right direction, and put you in touch with people who can help you secure a job. We can help guide you with certification testing and the path to success.

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