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CABS - Child and Babysitting Safety

The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program from ASHI gives teenagers and young adults everything they need to know for safe and successful babysitting. From getting started with their business, to dealing with parents and children, to key safety, caregiving, and first aid tips, the magazine-format CABS guide and vlogger-style video make learning fun.

General Course Information

Most CPR class being taught today are following the 2015 American Heart Association guidelines making training fairly similar. The difference between many are the “certifying” organization and who is credible or accepted where you may need to provide a certification card. MSTI teaches with the top two recognized organizations to ensure certification is at the highest level of training and competency. All of our classes require hands-on skills performance and critical thinking. The biggest difference is if you need certification by an employer or organization.

Course topics include:

  • Understanding the chain of survival
  • Scene safety and BSI
  • Establishing responsiveness and calling for help
  • Performing high quality CPR for the adult, child, and infant patient *
  • Patient airway and rescue breathing
  • Unusual or emergency situations
  • Choking procedures and the recovery position
  • Items with an * may vary dependent upon the course, or  certifying organization
  • Teens and young adults interested in a babysitting business
  • Family members who have responsibility for younger family members. 
  • New parents or relatives that should know the safety hazards and what a proper babysitter should be
  • On-hands practice will be required during this course and as part of the skills assessments
  • All students must perform required skills competently without assistance to receive a certification card
  • A written test will be administered for the completion of this course with a passing score of 75%
  • Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives rather than a prescribed instruction time.
  • The certification card is included in course good for 2-years
  •  CPR/AED and Basic First Aid certification strongly recommended before or after this course.

All students are eligible to attend and considered for certification without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age (unless specific minimum age requirements are set by the certifying authority), marital status, sexual orientation, medical condition, or disability.

  • This Course is developed to provide the necessary training and skills to take the American Health and Safety Institution (ASHI) Exam

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$ 35 per person
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AHA CPR Courses

  • Reading and comprehension at a 6th-grade level, or equivalent.
  • Minimum age of 16 years old
  • Physical and mental ability to perform the skills, tasks, and administrative requirements necessary for the job
  • AHA BLS CPR/AED certification. If not current or soon to expire, classes will be be available to take through MST6

ASHI CPR Courses

  • Pass a written exam with a score of at least 80% 

More Information

This course is an ASHI Training Course.

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